Sisters4Sisters,Inc. Signature Services Supporting the Transformation of Women & Girls from Trauma to Triumph

Daughters of Destiny Youth Mentorship

Mentoring program for girls age 8-15 whose lives have been directly impacted by trauma resulting in  living in transitional homes and shelters.

Fresh Restart

Impactful outreach program providing essential training including life skills, professional development training, work attire, transportation support and additional direct services.

SOS (Saving Our Sisters from HIV-AIDS)

Educating- Testing and Preventing HIV-AIDS and sexually transmitted disease among vulnerable women and girls in underserved communities is the goal. Hosting culturally impactful outreach campaigns featuring hiv positive women along with testing and education.

The Harriet Tubman Shelter Project

Supporting homeless women and families impacted by trauma currently residing in transition housing, domestic violence shelters and safe housing.  Providing resources and referrals for housing solutions, case mentoring and direct emergency services for those impacted by transition.

The LOVE (Leave Out Violence Everyday) MOVEMENT

Prevention, awareness, education and support is the goal of The LOVE Movement. This service provides women and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence with direct support, emergency resources and counseling while hosting community outreach and awareness educational programs

Sisters Care

Sisters Cares Campaign supports vulnerable women and families in need during COVID-19 with food, child care referrals, personal protection equipment, emergency clothing, resources, resume support, employment referrals, updated informationm housing solutions and hope for women in transition impacted by the pandemic.

The Empowerment Cafe

Provides services to educate vulnerable women experiencing trauma with free mini-health assessments and care in the areas of Heart Health, Diabetes and Mental Health. Bridging the gap of health disparities while providing culturally sensitive health education and support and encouragement for healthier lifestyles.