Sister Prayer Circle

sarah f. Post
January 15, 2013
Sister Janet whose health is deterirating fast aged 77 be with her close friend Elizabeth giving her the strength courage and wisdom as she cares for her.

Lucas aged 8, self harming, family situaion, needs t be understanding tolerance patience forgiveness wisdom in this difficult situation.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 11, 2011
Please pray for dearest sister who has been my rock and my best friend,she is going to undergo a surgery on monday to extract a lump which doesn't show good sign.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 24, 2010
Please pray for my sister and my cousin sisters. They are married for so many years, but still aren't blessed with children. I really wish they conceive and become mothers. They are planning for adoption, but please pray that before they start off with the adoption process, God should bless their wombs. I believe that God can perform miracles, I Know HE is mighty and he will be ready to do anything for his children. I can not bear to see my sister worried and broken inside. I know, she is so depressed, but she never shows it outside. Please remember them in your prayers, so that God will bless them.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 17, 2010
Please pray foe me to find a job. And that my finances will be caught up.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 23, 2010
I truly need prayer so that I can be relieved from my depression, the stupor that I'm in and for a job that can possibly be a career. Please agree with me in faith.
March 11, 2010
Please pray for my mother to overcome her illness that has taken over her mind body and spirit, she has been ill for three years now and god has kept her in his loving arms. Now I really miss her and need her guidance please help strengthen my heart and soul by your prayers
nikki G
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 9, 2009
God please pray for my sister who was diagosnosed with cancer 2 yrs ago,she has since become weak and in very much pain.Bless her with grace. her name is Patricia.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 7, 2009
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 3, 2009
Dear Sisters:
Please keep my family and all families in prayer, as we recite the "Prayer of Peace" and ask that the Divine Master also allow us love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, happiness, and understanding. For it is by his might that we live.
prem k. Post
October 25, 2009
For last many years we are searching a good groom to my sister with prayer.still she is waiting for good life.Pray for my sister sheela`s marriage.
Pray for my brother walter`s children.
Pray for my parents health.
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