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 ALL Things are Possible...Believe          


It is Possible to Overcome Miscarriage

Makesia Smith was living what some would consider the ideal life, she was a stay at home Mom to 3 happy, healthy and rambunctious boys and the wife to a loving and devoted husband (Brian). When Kesia became pregnant with her 4th child, she and her husband were surprised but happy.



(Not pictured ...Dedicated and Devoted Father Brian Smith)


 Everything was going fine until Kesia started to feel that the baby was not moving like it should at 17 weeks gestation. At her regular 18 week check-up the Doctor had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat, Kesia was immediately sent to Prince George Hospital for a sonogram where they could not detect a heartbeat, although she and Brian were devastated, they took comfort in knowing that the Lord had taken this baby to be with him. The very next month, she was pregnant again! Everything seemed to be going fine, but during her 16 week check up Kesia shared with the Doctor that she just didn't feel right, her Doctor said that the baby's heartbeat was low, but that everything was ok

During the next couple of weeks Kesia noticed that her stomach was not growing like it should and when she was 18 weeks pregnant, she started to bleed and was rushed by her husband to the hospital, where she was given the heartbreaking news that this pregnancy had also resulted in a fetal demise. This time Kesia was given medication to induce her labor and had to deliver the baby whom they named Jacob.

After this pregnancy Kesia returned to work, and although she mourned the loss of her 2 children she was never mad at God, but she does admit that she questioned God as to why she could not have a 4th child. Kesia started to think that something was medically wrong with her that would not allow her to carry a pregnancy to full term, but almost a year later she was pregnant again.


 One day in the beginning of this pregnancy she had a feeling that she should stay home from work, on this particular day 2 different episodes of "Baby Story" featured women that had previously had children and lost pregnancies due to problems with the clotting of their blood. Kesia asked her Doctor to test her and found out that she had a condition that made her blood clot, not allowing blood to get to the baby as needed, this problem was fixed with a daily aspirin and one other prescribed pill. During her 13 week sonogram, Kesia found out that she was having twins!

God gave her double for her trouble and restored what she had lost, not only was she having twins it was a boy and a girl! Now the Smiths are a happy family of 7 and Kesia has a word of advice to women who have experienced miscarriages, still births and are dealing with infertility issues, Don't give up on God, just know that he has the perfect plan for your life and you have to trust and believe in him that he can make anything possible!





The Twins are 4 Years Old 


Journi  & Jace Smith- A Gift of Restoration and Possibilities..!


Jace and Journi. They are now 4yrs. old. I would just want to encourage any women who has experience a miscarriages...that is not over, dont give up..God is able...just put your trust in him he will see you thru....and remember Job how he lost it all but because of him blessing the Lord in the midst of his Trials God did what...? God bless him with abundance more than he had before....so know this its not over saints Trust God!!!


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